Special Products        
Antifoam SF 176 Antifoam, free of silicone and mineral oils   nonionic   PDF
Dustbinder RS Binding agent to fix dust, for automotive upholstery leather   anionic soft PDF
Horizon Stabilizer To produce very fine-pore foams with high stability       PDF
Splitadhesive VP 3 Adhesion binder for laminating splits   anionic medium hard PDF
Stucco 2005 For application on upholstery and shoe upper leather with a spatula   anionic soft PDF
Stucco 007 Universal Stucco high flex and adhesion   anionic soft PDF
Stucco GEM Stucco for application on reverse coater   anionic soft PDF
Stucco RC Universal Stucco for rollcoater   anionic soft PDF
Water and Oil-Repellent Agents        
WO - Phob NF Fluorocarbon in solvent for further dilution with solvent, for use on finished leather, water/oil-repellent PDF
WO - Phob WF Fluorocarbon emulsion for universal use in aqueous systems, water and oil-repellent PDF
Driver IP Very strong penetrating aid for impregnation   annionic   PDF
Driver TI Penetration agent for finish floats   nonionic   PDF
Driver WP Penetrator for waterproof finishes   annionic   PDF
Hardener A Polyaceridin crosslinker for casein, polymers, CAB; for use in finishes diluted with water/solvents PDF
Hardener CD Carbodiimide crosslinker for aqueous polymer systems PDF
Hardener PI 100 Polyisocyanate crosslinker for aqueous polymer finishes PDF
PU Thickener Thickener based on a polyurethane dispersion, for roll coating floats   anionic   PDF
Thickener A Thickener based on an acrylic dispersion; for all types of finish floats   anionic   PDF