In August 2008, we reinforced our technical team with Mr. Mike Hartmann.

Mr. Hartmann graduated in 1991 from the Tanner school in Reutlingen.
In the last 10 years, he was responsible for the R&D and production of furniture and automotive for the following companies:
Nordleder (Moeller-Group) 1997-2000
Heller-Leder 2000-2005
Nordleder (Moeller-Group) 2005-2008

Through his professional experience, he gains strong knowledge in the “tanner” field and he will be in the future our key-customer worldwide.


Following our move to Eppstein, the lab were soon ready end March. The first visitors were already welcome in April and the first lab trials conducted in the lab as well as the convincing results.


In February this year, Mr. Esch joined the company. He has been responsible for many years of the Global Supply chain at Dystar. From July 2008 he take the position of the Head of Supply Chain Management.