From Eppstein to the world and back.


60 years ago, one could only guess that in idyllic Eppstein/Taunus the foundation of a company was laid that would soon become a global player in leather finishing. Competence, innovative ideas and customer-focused solutions as distinguishing traits provided for the success that has made our company so very special for decades.


Yet, our formula for success is as simple as convincing: clear goals, chemical-technical know-how and a sense for quality that never stagnates but perpetually redefines itself. This creates for us a market position qualifying on an international scale.


Our customers’ demands are always in our focus – as only so it is that we can maintain the partnerships with them that is necessary to always offer the best of solutions. Our modern application lab and testing laboratory are also responsible for it.


Quality, responsibility, sustainability, and service are more than a motto for us. They are the foundation on which we established ourselves even internationally. With production locations in Germany, Indonesia, Mexico and South Africa we profit from the knowledge and the competence of different nations. And after six decades of international expansion our Head Office is again in Eppstein. Success always comes back to its roots. And so do satisfied customers.