The Exciting History of Heim Leather GmbH

60 years are almost a life-time. Even more so for a company working on an international scale. It is the time span that is required for inventing and developing clever solutions and sophisticated technologies. A lot has happened since our founding in the 1940’s, join us and find out!

1948 Heim Leather Chem is founded by Franz Heim and his daughter Eva in Eppstein/Taunus (Germany).

1956 Opening of a new building in Eppstein. We also specialise on the production of lacquer and paints. Karl Freund joins the company.

1964 The development and production of water-solvable paint requires the extension of our building by another 3,000 square metres.

1970 Further extension of our offices, our Technicum and our research facilities is necessary. After Franz Heim’s death in 1971, Karl and Eva Freund assume the positions of owner and manager.

1975 First export within Europe.

1976 The company is represented in Italy by global player Ciba Geigy.

Klaus Freund joins the company as marketing manager. Heim Leather Chem expands into the non-European market: Asia, Africa, and America.

Heim Leather Chem is represented in over 40 countries world-wide.

Our affiliate “Heim do Brazil” offers a service centre and an R & D laboratory for Brazil, Chile and Uruguay.

Our first production abroad is begun in Portugal and Singapore.

Rotta GmbH absorbs Heim Leather Chem GmbH.

Opening of new production locations in China and Brazil.
From this year on, Klaus Freund acts as manager of Leather for Rotta.

2004 On December, 31st, the company is absorbed by DyStar GmbH. Klaus Freund still acts as Head of Leather.

Under the management of Klaus Freund, the product line-up is expanded to wet-area products.
DyStar absorbs Dr. TH Boehme GmbH.

2007 On September, 1st, Klaus Freund joins the family tradition and buys the company in a management buyout from DyStar – including the leather finishing product, the company branches, the production locations and the employees.