Casein Products        
Top LB 66 Wax-modified casein for glazed finishes   anionic hard PDF
Top matt Matting agent for casein finishes   anionic hard PDF
Top WL 59 Wax-modified polishing ground with good adhesion properties   anionic medium soft PDF
Top 28 Additive for finishes that are to be plated and glazed   anionic soft PDF
Top B Clear, to improve lustre   anionic very hard PDF
Top CN Wax-modified, for PU top coats, prevents tackiness   anionic hard PDF
Top W Improve fullness, flexibility   anionic soft PDF
K-Top I Wax-modified cationic casein for polishing grounds   cationic medium soft PDF
K-Top P Wax-modified cationic casein for polishing grounds   cationic medium hard PDF
Wax Emulsion –Fillers        
Burnishwax Dark polishing effect   nonionic medium hard PDF
Magic Wax 89 For pull-up-like effects on finished leather, shoe and upholstery leather   anionic medium hard PDF
Mattfiller LS Strong matting effect   anionic soft PDF
Nappafiller WR Slight matting effect, anti-tack effect, filler   anionic very soft PDF
Polishwax 947 Polishing wax, slight darkening effect, anti-tack   nonionic medium soft PDF
Snowwax 11 For polished white contrasts on shoe and handbag leather   nonionic hard PDF
Softfiller WS Ground with very good filling and covering power   nonionic very soft PDF
Wax 15 Dark polish effects and pull-up effects after hot plating   nonionic medium hard PDF
Wax 18 Anti-tack properties, very soft and natural touch   nonionic soft PDF
Wax 19 Pull-up-like wax for natural fashion effects   nonionic medium hard PDF
Wax F Anti-tack purpose   anionic soft PDF
Filler CA Sealing ground to upgrade damaged/buffed leather   cationic soft PDF
Filler KS Polishing ground, for pigmentation in the drum   cationic very soft PDF
Polishground K Oil ground, very good sealing and filling properties   cationic very soft PDF
Wax HK Polishing ground, very good sealing properties   cationic soft PDF